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You must be a registered user on the AgingResearchBiobank website to access and use the data and biospecimen request systems.

For requesting Biospecimens, Images, and/or Data, you must be registered and logged in. Click here to register/login. There are two ways to start a request:

You will need to complete the required fields in the online request form and provide the following documentation before your request is reviewed by the Biobank Scientific Review Committee (BSRC):

  1. Protocol (See Glossary for more information)
  2. IRB Approval (or waiver)
  3. CV
  4. Proof of Funding (Biospecimen Requests Only)

The BSRC will review requests three times a year in the months of January, May, and September. The BSRC will only review a request that has submitted all of the required documentation, noted above. The documents submitted will be examined to ensure they comply with NIA requirements prior to the BSRC's review. If documents are missing your submitted request will not be reviewed by the BSRC until the documentation is complete or until the next BSRC meeting period. The online application as well as all required documentation must be submitted prior to the following dates to be included in the BSRC review period:

  1. BSRC Review Period 1 (2024) Deadline: January 15th, 2024
  2. BSRC Review Period 2 (2024) Deadline: May 15th, 2024
  3. BSRC Review Period 3 (2024) Deadline: September 15th, 2024

Please note that submissions between review periods will not be reviewed until the next review period. The review process can take several weeks and their decision will be additionally delayed if the committee has questions about any details in the submission or analysis plan. Requests should be submitted early enough to allow sufficient time for this review, and if necessary any responses to the committee's questions.

If your request is approved, the Outgoing Human Resources Transfer Agreement (OHRTA) or Outgoing Human Data Transfer Agreement (OHDTA) will need to be signed by the PI and the institution's signing official, a process that may take additional time. As with the review process, please plan accordingly. Please note that the agreement you will sign explicitly applies to the research that you describe in your request and that is reviewed and approved by NIA. Any additional research questions not included in the original request must be submitted and approved by NIA before the new analysis begins and may require a new OHRTA/OHDTA. Questions about additional research can be submitted as comments in your completed request or emailed to AgingResearchBiobank@imsweb.com.

For additional information to make a request, please see our User's Guide (PDF - 1,678 KB)

Please contact the AgingResearchBiobank Communications team should you have any questions about the requests.

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